AZ Delta Roeselare first hospital with signage panel eMED NODE


Numerous hospitals in Belgium are equipped with medical protection transformers, insulation monitoring and report panels from specialist Automation. AZ Delta will now be the first hospital to be fitted with the new eMED NODE signage panel, a new component within Automation’s all-in-one solution that was developed specifically on market demand.

The Automation offer is all-encompassing. From transformers and insulation monitoring to flexible visualization systems, lighting control, operating room chronometers, and so on. The ability to integrate the different protocols of all these techniques on a single system considerably simplifies the management of the whole, both technically and for users.

The all-in-one system from Automation recently became slightly better. The eMED NODE reinforces the whole by monitoring several insulation monitors at the same time. This added value answers a specific demand from the market, and more specifically based on the new development project AZ Delta in Roeselare, where they go beyond the known total solution from Automation.

The eMED NODE displays on the screen and with sound the general operating state of the insulation monitoring device. The signaling panel can monitor multiple insulation monitoring devices at the same time. In addition, several eMED NODEs can be connected in series so that you can link different locations together. If there is something wrong, the medical staff will be notified visually and soundwise. They do have the possibility of temporarily or permanently switching off any alarm sound signal at any location. However, the visual alarm will only disappear when the problem is effectively solved.

“With this solution we respond to a demand from the market and we show that we as an engineering company always try to offer an answer to the specific needs of the market”, Automation states.