Automation Power Solutions

Automation Power Solutions

Automation Power Solutions Process explained

Automation approaches all customers in a holistic way aiming for a long-term sustainable relationship. That is why Automation offers specific and comprehensive solutions. These global solutions, developed on the basis of recognized expertise, support the customer in the management of his electrotechnical infrastructure installations.

Energy conversion

Energy is crucial for all activities and therefore indispensable for optimal infrastructure, efficient processes and properly functioning machines, etc. Energy must always be available everywhere and in different forms and, of course, preferably without interruption.

Power Solutions - Conversion
Power Solutions - AC secouru

AC back-up

The power supply that is used the most globally is AC power. It is such a well-established commodity that many ‘specialists’ risk forgetting that a good solution of this type is not possible without knowledge of all the factors and details.

For example, an alternating current solution in industry does not function in the same way as a solution in the medical sector, and a tunnel requires a different approach than a data centre.

DC back-up

DC power is used less often by the general public but is extremely important in the technical sector. This electrical current is mainly used in sensitive areas and where storage is required. It also offers a way for equalisation, with a view to reliable systems.

Power Solutions - DC secouru
Power Solutions - Surveillance d’isolement

Insulation monitoring (eMED)

In the medical sector and industry, continuity of work activity and the safety of persons are of the utmost importance. IT grounding systems must be continuously monitored using permanent insulation monitoring. Automation’s Power Solutions business unit has been building the various components of comprehensive solutions for many years.

Energy storage

The storage of energy is the cornerstone of an emergency system. An emergency solution is nothing without a good way to store energy. It is thus essential to choose the right storage system with the right quality.

Power Solutions - Energie et stockage
Power Solutions - Qualité de l’énergie

Energy quality

Systems are used by more and more users (intra- and extramural). These users all have their own specific characteristics and the growing technologies render network management more complex. Interferences, jammers and frequent fluctuations cause an increasingly disturbed balance and inefficiencies of the network.

ECS – Emergency rental service

Unforeseen circumstances are, unfortunately, impossible to predict. No one wants an emergency situation (or worse) without the necessary precautions having been taken. Unfortunately, this is more common than you might think.

Power Solutions - Service de location en cas de défaut urgent (ECS)