Power Solutions for energy storage

Energy storage

The storage of energy is the cornerstone of an emergency system. An emergency solution is nothing without a good way to store energy. It is thus essential to choose the right storage system with the right quality.

The Power Solutions business unit shares its expertise every day in the customer’s search for the right storage system. We determine the best solution for the specific problem, bearing in mind such factors as the conditions of use, the setting and the duration of the emergency.

Power Solutions - Energie et stockage

The Power Solutions business unit has also been offering high-quality real-time solutions for the follow-up and implementation of fully-fledged preventive maintenance plans for several years now. Infrastructure must perform optimally at all times so that annual maintenance of the installations is no longer sufficient for many customers.

Customers want a very clear picture of the current state of their installations at all times. That is precisely why we offer them this real-time monitoring service. Moreover, this service also provides thorough guidance in the management of the installations.

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