Automation Power Solutions Process

Automation Power Solutions Process explained

Automation approaches all customers in a holistic way aiming for a long-term sustainable relationship. That is why Automation offers specific and comprehensive solutions to best meet the expectations of the customer. The many interactions during the process underline Automation’s mission to create added value for the customer.

Automation Power Solutions Process

1. Needs assessment

Automation takes the view that every problem is different. That is why we analyse your problems carefully and thoroughly. An efficient solution takes every aspect into consideration. That is why it is crucial to know the context. This essential phase is the basis of our total approach.

Power Solutions Process - Analyse des besoins
Power Solutions Process - Recherche et développement d’une solution sur mesure

2. Finding and developing a tailor-made solution

Automation employees, each with their own competencies, start from what you have told us about your situation in order to develop and design a suitable, tailor-made solution. This solution fits in perfectly with your specific issues and meets all the criteria that were previously discussed.

3. Working out the solution

Once the solution has been proposed, and all parties are satisfied with the result, Automation starts working on it. Integrating the solution from start to finish and testing each solution are both done in the workshop in Halle.

Power Solutions Process - Mise en œuvre de la solution
Power Solutions Process - Livraison et installation

4. Delivery and implementation

Automation not only performs a thorough analysis of your needs and a study into a suitable, tailor-made solution but also delivers and implements the solution in an appropriate manner. The details of the delivery are determined together with the customer during the needs assessment.

5. Commissioning

We will provide you with a tailor-made solution. We will not settle for anything less. Automation offers various formulas that fit in the specific window of time for your solution. Our technical teams are trained for specific solutions and are briefed by our project coordinators so that your solution is created under the best conditions. Our company complies with the ISO 9001 standard.

Power Solutions Process - Mise en service
Power Solutions Process - Entretien et monitoring

6. Maintenance and monitoring

A soundly based solution requires proper maintenance, tailored to the operating conditions and the safety of the users involved with the solution. For this reason, Automation makes it a point of honour to offer contracts that cover exactly what you need, from preventive maintenance to Full Omnium, intervention on the next business day or reinforcement within four hours, anywhere in the country.

As soon as you encounter a malfunction or specific problem, Automation technicians are ready to help you get your installations up and running again as quickly as possible, regardless of where you are in the country. Even if this is not explicitly stated in the contract, we strive to offer you the best assistance possible.

Thanks to our monitoring, we are able to oversee your AC and DC solutions, batteries, etc. It is undoubtedly a straightforward and reassuring extra safety measure to ensure that your installations remain fully available at all times. Moreover, the data obtained make it possible to take the right action at the right time.