Power Solutions for energy conversion

Energy conversion

Energy is crucial for all activities and therefore indispensable for optimal infrastructure, efficient processes and properly functioning machines, etc. Energy must always be available everywhere and in different forms and, of course, preferably without interruption.

The Power Solutions business unit has been developing standard solutions and customised electrical energy conversion since its founding: from alternating current to direct current and vice versa, from one voltage to another, with or without a neutral conductor.

Power Solutions - Conversion

A Power Solutions business unit energy conversion solution starts with a thorough needs assessment. What does the situation look like now? What are the conditions and requirements? What is the objective? This is followed by a solution to the problem that is worked out step-by-step in close consultation with the customer. This can lead to new elements emerging that will require us to adjust the development of the solution.

Finally, the customer receives a ready-to-use solution. The customer is also assisted in the implementation and maintenance. The professional support given throughout this process, from assessment to delivery, is a significant added value that our customers greatly appreciate.

Solutions for converting energy into alternating current are being developed at our workshop in Halle. This is where we work, with dedication, on all our solutions with voltages, IP security and specific requests.

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