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Industry places ever-increasing demands on production facilities. The quality of the power supply and the availability of that energy are two crucial factors ensuring a smooth primary process.

Power Solutions pour l'industrie
Power Solutions pour le monde médical

Medical sector

Safety is the top priority in the medical sector. It is of the utmost importance to guarantee the continuity of all treatments and medical procedures.

The operating theatre is an excellent example. During a (usually invasive) procedure, the hospital must treat every patient in the best possible conditions. During an operation, perfect insulation monitoring of the system and guaranteed continuity (also of the power supply) are absolute requirements. Real-time monitoring is vital.

Public utilities

Various companies are responsible for the core activities that keep a country, city or municipality running, including those involved with energy (electricity and gas), water (production and processing), telecom facilities, waste processing and public transport.

These public services and utilities must be able to respond to ever-increasing service requirements every day.

Power Solutions pour des entreprises d’utilité publique