Power Solutions for AC back-up

AC back-up

The power supply that is used the most globally is AC power. It is such a well-established commodity that many ‘specialists’ risk forgetting that a good solution of this type is not possible without knowledge of all the factors and details.

For example, an alternating current solution in industry does not function in the same way as a solution in the medical sector, and a tunnel requires a different approach than a data centre.

Power Solutions - AC secouru

The Power Solutions business unit is fully committed to analysing every situation thoroughly and then developing and implementing the appropriate solution. Elements such as redundancy, equalisation and complex architecture are part of the consultation with the customer. Only in this way can the most suitable solution for a specific problem come about.

The Power Solutions business unit relies on years of experience and knowledge and quickly gains insight into every new situation. This enables the business unit to offer the customer significant added value, which should not be underestimated.

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